Affiniax Legal

UAE law advice delivered at international standards

Affiniax Legal is a licensed legal consultancy firm based in the United Arab Emirates. We are an integral part of the esteemed Affiniax Partners group, a well-established consortium of diverse professional entities.

Our team comprises seasoned advocates and legal consultants who bring a wealth of expertise to the table. With a specialised focus on areas such as banking and finance, corporate and commercial matters, financial services, and private client affairs, we offer a comprehensive array of legal services. Our commitment extends from assisting in company establishment navigating financial intricacies to facilitating successful exit strategies.


Our mission revolves around providing unwavering legal support to our clients, empowering their businesses with strategic legal insights. We collaborate closely with clients to identify opportunities and address challenges, aligning with their unique commercial circumstances and objectives. Each team member is not only adept and dedicated but also driven to offer precise, cost-effective, and solution-oriented guidance with the shared goal of propelling our clients towards success.

Core Competencies & Expertise

Confident in understanding national and international legal landscapes, we stay attuned to shifts and updates introduced by UAE governmental bodies. Rooted in a proactive and results-driven work ethic, our focus remains on exceeding client expectations, offering exceptional service, and contributing to the realisation of business aspirations within the UAE and beyond.

Our core areas of practice include:

  • Banking and Finance
  • Corporate, M&A and Commercial
  • Corporate Structuring and Restructuring
  • Redomiciliations
  • Capital Markets
  • Private client matters
  • Real Estate/ Construction